Keeping secrets bottled in weighs you down

by Miles on 03/28/2012

Watching my morning feed with SourceFed today, the hosts discussed the detrimental effects that holding in your emotions can have.

In this case they referenced the negative effects on cognition that focusing on a withheld secret can have.  Specifically, keeping a secret bottled up inside can change the way you think about problems distorting them and making them seem bigger and requiring more effort and time to complete. That is, they mentally weigh you down!

I have the feeling the “secret-keeping effect” can be brought about by many other types of detrimental mindsets as well. If you’d like to read more about the study, check out a media summary, or the original study, or if you are a visual learner… try watching below.

So of course some questions:

What’s weighing you down?


What secrets do you need to stop keeping?

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